Help Support the Math and Science Learning Center


The MSLC is a free drop-in tutoring center supporting students taking challenging STEM courses that have a large enrollment, are prerequisites for many STEM majors, and have the highest DFW rates and equity gaps at SDSU. Each semester we expand our support into additional courses as we help thousands of students. 

The Results are In….Tutoring Works!

Our data shows that tutoring works! Attending the center at least 7 times a semester is associated with an average increase in GPA of 0.3-0.5 and a 50-100% increase in the odds of passing courses. Students attending the MSLC also claim to have less fear of STEM subjects and a deeper understanding of the material.

We strive to develop our tutor’s skill sets so that they can provide high-quality tutoring to our Aztec students. To work toward this goal, the MSLC is revamping our training program so that it meets the requirements of Level 1 certification by the College Reading Learning Association (CRLA) by Summer 2024. Once we officially become CRLA certified, we will be able to award tutors Level 1 CRLA Tutor Certifications, an internationally recognized certification they can add to their CVs We are hoping to raise funds for additional costs pertaining to this effort so that we can better develop our tutors to provide the best support to our students.

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