Here are a variety of Community Resources


Counseling & Psychological Services 

Faculty/staff are happy to walk you to any campus centers to get help or make contact on your behalf. Please reach out to a trusted ally for help.

Immediate help in an emergency: call 911

San Diego crisis and help line: Call 888-724-7240 ( )

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Call 1-800-273-8255 (

Podcast on mental health:


SDSU’s Counseling & Psychological Services You can:

Note: many have experienced issues with counselors in Calpulli being too booked. Please don’t let this dissuade you from help: getting a referral and using any of these other provided resources.

Dial 211 for local community and referral services (

Human Health Services: Mental health resources ( and general info (

Resources for Loss Survivors:


Substance Abuse Recovery 

Start Your Recovery is a website that brings together experts in substance use disorder treatment from leading nonprofit, academic, and government institutions. They have developed a comprehensive directory of support resources in San Diego, California. Here, you can:

  • Find local treatment options vetted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
  • Filter to find personalized support options
  • Find support groups and other important non-clinical resources


Resources for Supporting Health


Sexual Misconduct Response and Prevention

Economic Crisis Response

General resources:

Economic Crisis Response Team (

ECRT can help students with food, housing, financial, technological, and transportation assistance. An ECRT coordinator will reach out within 72h after a student requests assistance at

More basic needs through ECRT here:

Center for Transformative Justice:

Office of Equal Opportunity Programs and Ethnic Affairs:

Undocumented Resource Area: 

HomeStart Inc:

Additional resources:


SDSU Associated Students Food Pantry (

CalFresh (Foodstamps): 

Enroll here: 

The Jacobs and Cushman San Diego Food Bank:


Housing and homelessness:

SDSU Graduate Student Housing:

Housing and Community Development Services: (

  • Rental assistance, utility assistance and other programs 

Doors of Change: 

San Diego Housing Commission:


Financial and Legal services

A.S. Legal Services: 

Legal Aid Society: 

Peer Financial Education:

Undocumented Resource Area: 

Student Financial Center:   


Resources for Supporting Diversity

Additional Resources for Handling University Related Issues


  • Supports students in addressing and resolving concerns or issues that may arise within the University.

Graduate Student Housing: 

University Writing Center: 

Center for Teaching and Learning: 

Graduate Student Association:

Chemistry Graduate Student Association: